At GHR Rechtsanwälte AG ("GHR" or "we") we respect your privacy and take protection of personal information very seriously.  


In addition to general data protection principles, the attorney's secret is applicable as far and as long as an attorney-client relationship applies (i.e. that the relationship is not of a general nature non-linked to attorney specific services). Attorneys are obliged by law to maintain independence. They concentrate unreservedly on solving their client’s problems and do not represent any interests that conflict with those of their clientele. Because of attorney confidentiality, all of their clients’ information is protected by attorney secrecy, which not only obliges attorneys to observe absolute discretion, but also gives them the right to refuse to provide information to government officials and third parties. Independence, attorney secrecy and confidentiality provide the guarantee that clients can trust unreservedly in their attorney.


This declaration serves to inform you about the collection and use of individual data of personal or factual circumstances of a specific or determinable natural person (“personal data”) when visiting our Website.


This declaration of data protection applies exclusively to our website (“Website”) ( We assume no responsibility and accept no liability for links accessible from our website to the websites of third parties.  Clicking an external link is your sole responsibility.


1.      User consent


Please note that when you visit and use our website you consent to our processing your personal data within the framework of this declaration and the applicable data protection principles.


2.      Contact person


We are always at your disposal should you have any questions or messages concerning your personal data. You can reach us under:


GHR Rechtsanwälte AG

Tavelweg 2


3074 Muri b. Bern


3.      Anonymous data collection


You may visit our webpages without downloading personal data. For this, we do not store any personal data. To improve our offers, we merely evaluate statistical data which permit no identifiable inference regarding your person.


4.      Processing of personal data


4.1      General


When contacting us through your online form or directly by e-mail, we do not gather or process other than the following data:


a)  All information supplied by you specifically during an inquiry or booking (name, address, age, gender, contact details, mandate-specific information etc.);

b)  IP-address;

c)   browser version and browser type used;

d)  date & time of the inquiry or message.


Please note that this list states conclusively all personal data which we could process on our website unless this privacy policy explicitly mentions any further processing. However, in individual cases it is possible that we would not capture all these data. Basically, we only gather as many personal data as are necessary for correctly processing an agreement.


On our Website we do not generate personality profiles.


4.2      Sensitive personal data


We do not collect or process any sensitive personal data via our website (e.g. of salary, sexual privacy, religious, political or ideological persuasion, state of health etc.).


When acting in an attorney-client relationship, it is, however, likely that we will receive or ask for sensitive personal data from you. All such information and documentation provided to us from you as a (existing or potential) client will be subject to the attorney's secret. We are sincerely concerned to protect your sensitive personal data. We will gather sensitive personal data exclusively from you directly (and in full transparency for you).


5.      Using your personal data

We process your personal data on our website only in connection with an inquiry made by you, to correct an error or to improve our online presence, and possibly for internal statistical purposes.


6.      Disclosure to third parties & attorney's secret


We are entitled and obliged to supply such data as service providers, who offer their services via out website, need for implementing service agreements with you. Service providers are obliged to use such data only in the same way as we do ourselves. We ensure that service providers do not use data for anything but the actual processing of a service and that they will not use such data for themselves or disclose them to third parties. For this purpose, we are granted relevant auditing and control rights.


Your data will not be disclosed to third parties via the website without your express consent. Excepted from this are our service provider partners whom we need for the execution of the agreement or mandate (e.g. Swiss Post or other couriers, telecommunication service providers, authorities for debt collection purposes, etc.), and only if


a)     such third party is subject to a statutory secrecy obligations (e.g. the post and telecommunication secrecy),

b)            such third party has concluded a secrecy agreement with us, or

c)             we have been exempted from the attorney's secret in a specific case.


In such cases we strictly observe the requirements of applicable data protection laws.



7.       Communication, information and updates


Communication for marketing purposes: We may eventually send you marketing information in relation to our Website, services and products by various communication means. You can deregister from such advertising content reception by following the instructions provided in the respective communications. Alternatively, you may also send us your deregistration for advertising content reception by e-mail at


Communication for information and other purposes: We will provide you with information needed by all clients and customers, communications with important information as well as communications upon your request. You cannot deregister from such communication. However, you may eventually modify the media and format on how you receive such information.


8.        Cookies


Cookies are small text files which are transferred to your computer and stored in your browser. Cookies do not contain any personal data. However, it is possible that a cookie may be allocated to a specific set of user data.


Our Website does not use cookies - neither our own proper cookies, neither cookies from third party providers.


9.       Transmission of personal data


The data submitted on the contact form are not stored on your computer (no cookie or anything similar). For processing, the server will forward the data you have submitted on your contact form by e-mail. These e-mails are not encrypted. The use of e-mails is not technically secure; it can happen that e-mails are not delivered. E-mails can cross borders even though sender and receiver are in the same country. The confidentiality of e-mails cannot be guaranteed in case of lacking or insufficient encryption. Unencrypted e-mails are thus not suitable for the transfer of confidential information.

By using the contact form or by sending an e-mail, you consent to receive e-mail communication in full knowledge of the risks described.


10.     Storing your personal details


Our Website is hosted by Hetzner Online GmbH, Gunzenhausen, Germany ("Hetzner").


Personal data collected on the website in the course of activities are hosted on Hetzner's own servers in Germany. The servers are protected from unauthorised access to the greatest extent possible. Backups are made regularly in order to reduce the risk of data loss to the extent reasonably possible.  


11.     Information, correction


At any time, you are entitled to request information about your stored data and to correct it. This service is free of charge. Please contact us should you require this. Please refer to our contact details under Nr. 2 of this Privacy Policy Statement.


12.      Cancellation and deletion


You may cancel your consent to this Privacy Policy Statement at any time and demand that your personal data be deleted. Please contact us should you require this. Please refer to our contact details under Nr. 2 of this Privacy Policy Statement.


However, please note that under law of legal profession, commercial and fiscal law we are obliged to retain booking records for a minimum period of 10 business years. Thus, we can neither delete nor process personal data in these records. Your application for deletion merely applies to any future processing.


If at the time we receive your cancellation and deletion request there are services or contractual relationships pending, your personal data will continue to be active up to the final conclusion of the agreement. Your right of cancellation under this Privacy Policy in no way influences the completion of existing agreements and shall not constitute exceptional grounds for termination.


13.     Adjustments to this Privacy Policy Statement


Changes to this Privacy Policy Statement apply from the date of their publication on our website. Personal data collected under an older Privacy Policy Statement shall be handled according to this Privacy Policy Statement.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy Statement at any time and to inform clients appropriately of such changes.


Latest Update: April 2018